The simple Koloda recipe

FOR A FRENCH VERSION OF THE ARTICLE/ARTICLE EN FRANÇAIS It’s called Koloda because it sticks to your teeth when you have it. This is how I discovered about Koloda ! I thought it was very funny ! Behind the funny story though, there is a very important element to this recipe. It’s a zero wasteLire la suite « The simple Koloda recipe »

Mataba with veggies and smoked tofu !

FRENCH VERSION OF THE ARTICLE/ARTICLE EN FRANÇAIS Yep ! It’s ready now, I am sharing with you a veggie version of staple dish from my island ! It’s a dish that’s very much appreciated in Mayotte, yet there’s always meat or fish inside. So, I decided to make my own ! It’s delicious and ILire la suite « Mataba with veggies and smoked tofu ! »

« Chijavou » coconut salad and why I love coconut!

Since I came back to France and during my trip I was not able to make a report about what i found and how I felt during this trip! So, I felt like writing a “throwback” article about this amazing recipe and the beautiful product that coconut is! Why do I love coconut? It isLire la suite « « Chijavou » coconut salad and why I love coconut! »

The Cozy Soup !

Here is the recipe of The Cozy Soup ! Recipe for 3 people What you need : 10-12 leaves of fresh spinach 3 potatoes ( belle de fontenay if possible) 1 small sweet potato 3 cups and half od water Half of a carrot Brown linen seeds 1- Cut all your ingredients into small pieces 2-Lire la suite « The Cozy Soup ! »

The recipe from my Sunday Insta Story : Coconut Lentils

I have received so many messages from my Sunday Insta story that I have decided to share this recipe with you. Did you know that this was actually my first Vegetarian/Vegan recipe when I started my veggie journey? Bon appétit ! 😉 This recipe is for approx 6 people : – 500gr of lentils – 400Lire la suite « The recipe from my Sunday Insta Story : Coconut Lentils »

The Patchwork Lab n°2: The Gregarious Bounty

The Gregarious Bounty   The Gregarious Bounty ? Why mixing the name of a chocolate bar to a gregarious idea in order to describe a dish that has the rhythm of the Indian Ocean and Africa ? The Gregarious Bounty is the story of my childhood. I first arrived in France at the age of 12 andLire la suite « The Patchwork Lab n°2: The Gregarious Bounty »