The simple Koloda recipe


It’s called Koloda because it sticks to your teeth when you have it.

This is how I discovered about Koloda ! I thought it was very funny ! Behind the funny story though, there is a very important element to this recipe. It’s a zero waste recipe ! YAY !

Koloda is made from grated coconut. After a long observation, I realized that coconut was not always used after making coconut milk. So, I decided to use it again to make Koloda. It happens to be DELI-DELI-DELICIOUS !

It’s a very good and simple dish you can have as a dessert, as a snack, use it in your chocolate cakes or simply have it with a coconut dish !

Actually the version I did is not as sticky as the original one, I just find it better and more flexible.

If you go to Madagascar or are Malagasy, this recipe is another version of « Bonbon coco » which is very sticky ! ^^

Here is the recipe for you ! Enjoy !




Mataba with veggies and smoked tofu !


Yep ! It’s ready now, I am sharing with you a veggie version of staple dish from my island !

It’s a dish that’s very much appreciated in Mayotte, yet there’s always meat or fish inside. So, I decided to make my own ! It’s delicious and I even added a little twist : Koloda ! (another staple dish). You do not have to have it but it’s very good.

If you make this recipe, I am curious to know how it went for you, please let us know in the comment section ! 😉

Here is the recipe ! Enjoy your meal

With love



« Chijavou » coconut salad and why I love coconut!

Since I came back to France and during my trip I was not able to make a report about what i found and how I felt during this trip!

So, I felt like writing a “throwback” article about this amazing recipe and the beautiful product that coconut is!

Why do I love coconut?

It is a VERSATILE product and you can do billions of things! It can actually serve to make oil, milk, scrubbing cream, sweets, flour, cakes, cream… anything that is good for your body & soul!

VERSATILITY is a quality that I admired in a human being so there is no surprise that coconut is so dear to my heart!

Benefits from coconut

First of all, we have to distinguish 2 types of coconut, mature and immature. They are not consumed the same way.

  • The immature coconut or « Chijavou » in mahorese : you can recognize it by its green shell and a jelly white flesh. Its water is filled with electrolytes which are very important to keep our muscular, cardio-vascular, nervous and immune systems balanced.
  • The mature coconut or « nadzi » in mahorese : you can recognize it by its brown shell and a hard white flesh. Its water is also good, but I recommend it more for your beauty products. The flash is raped to make milk, “koloda” (mahorese sweets), scrubbing creams etc.. The milk is absolutely amazing to make coconut virgin oil : amazing medicine to have at home !

How to cook with coconut ?

C’est un produit très versatile, donc la limite est réside dans votre imagination ! Sachez juste que la noix de coco jeune sera meilleure pour des préparations froides (salades) et la noix de coco mature sera pour vos préparations chaudes (sauces, soupe).

It is a versatile product so your imagination is the limit ! Bear in mind that immature coconut will always be better suited for cold dishes such as salad. However, mature coconut will always be better suited for hot preparations such as soups, sauces.

Here is an example of a recipe:

« chijavou » coconut salad & cucumber

Ingredients :

– 1 « chijavou » immature coconut

– 1 cucumber

– Half of a green papaya

– 1 lime

– Pepper

– Salt

– 1 red onion

  • Cut your coconut into two pieces and use a spoon to get the flesh
  • Cut the flesh into small pieces and put aside in a bowl
  • Peel your cucumber and grate them in a medium bowl
  • Peel your papaya and grate them in the same bowl as your cucumber
  • Put salt on cucumbers and papaya as per your taste
  • Chop your onions into small pieces and add them to the preparation
  • Ajoutez le jus de citron et les lamelles de chijavou, poivrez et c’est prêt ! 🙂
  • Add your lime juice and the chijavou, put pepper and you are ready to have a delicious and fresh salad!

This recipe was made during my trip to Mayotte, if you would like to know about my experience, you see my video HERE 

The Cozy Soup !

Here is the recipe of The Cozy Soup !

Recipe for 3 people

What you need :

  • 10-12 leaves of fresh spinach
  • 3 potatoes ( belle de fontenay if possible)
  • 1 small sweet potato
  • 3 cups and half od water
  • Half of a carrot
  • Brown linen seeds

1- Cut all your ingredients into small pieces

2- Put them in a pan and boil them

3- When your veggies are ready, remove from heat

4- Mix until you reach a soup texture

5- Serve with brown linen seeds

The recipe from my Sunday Insta Story : Coconut Lentils

I have received so many messages from my Sunday Insta story that I have decided to share this recipe with you. Did you know that this was actually my first Vegetarian/Vegan recipe when I started my veggie journey? Bon appétit ! 😉

This recipe is for approx 6 people :

– 500gr of lentils

– 400 ml coconut milk

– Cumin as per your taste

– 1 teaspoon of turmeric

– 2 teaspoon of coarse salt

– 4 pinch of pepper

– 2 medium potatoes, if possible Belle de Fontenay potatoes are better

– 1 medium

– 1 red onion

– 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

– 2 garlic cloves

– 1 chili pepper (spicy) or 1 vegetarian chili (not spicy but brings taste) : OPTIONAL

  • Peel your onions and cut them into dices. Put them aside.
  • Ideally if you have a mortar, you can crush your garlic, salt, pepper and cumin together. If you do not have this tool, crush or cut your garlic and put them in the same bowl with your salt, cumin and pepper. Put them aside.
  • Peel your potatoes and cut them into dices. Same operation for your carrots.
  • Start to heat your coconut oil in a cooking pot over high heat.

Tips to know if your oil is hot, put a little bit of water on your fingers and throw a little amount into the pan, if you hear any crispy/cracking sound, your oil is ready. 🙂

  • Versez le mélange d’épices (ail + sel + cumin + poivre) dans la marmite, ajoutez les oignons. Laissez cuire 2-3 minutes le mélange. Il faut que les oignons deviennent plus tendres et sentent bons.
  • Throw the mix of spices ( garlic + salt + cumin + pepper) in the pan, add your onions. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes. The onions have to be tender and have a nice smell.
  • Add your carrots, mix for 1-2 min, please note that each time you add a new ingredient, you really have to let them take the taste of your spices before adding another one. Add your potatoes and let them dance with the spices too.
  • Add your lentils, lower the heat and let simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Add your coconut milk and curcuma. Let it simmer for 20 min.
  • Check that your carrots, potatoes and lentils are tender as cotton, if that’s the case, you are good to go!
  • This dish is to be eaten with rice.



The Patchwork Lab n°2: The Gregarious Bounty

The Gregarious Bounty  

The Gregarious Bounty ? Why mixing the name of a chocolate bar to a gregarious idea in order to describe a dish that has the rhythm of the Indian Ocean and Africa ?

The Gregarious Bounty is the story of my childhood. I first arrived in France at the age of 12 and people used to call me “Bounty”. I would not understand at first, it is only after a while I realized I was compared to the chocolate bar: dark on the outside and white on the inside. I found it very sad even hurtful.

The more I was moving in this new life, the more I realized that there were very specific codes about being black. You had to correspond to a certain way to be considered a black person. You had a certain criteria among black people and white people, there was a certain criteria from society and vice versa.

What is the best position to adopt ?

I did not know which way to go as I was only dreaming about one thing, being myself. No more, no less. I realized growing up how hard that task/my real nature could be an elephant in the room. Once, I have made the decision to become vegetarian, it has been another issue. I was considered to be rejecting my culture ? How could I be black and not eat at KFC ? I was considered as a strange breed and not being like other black people ?

I do not understand ? Do you understand ?

Food liberates and brings knowledge

I have to admit, I really was not expecting these comments getting into my adult life, yet I had to accept it is a reality but I chose not to make it my truth.

The Gregarious bounty as a dish was born thanks to my life, it is an anthem to diversity and the freedom of being oneself. Thanks to this dish I am making peace, it is vegetarian, it is not the most healthy and maybe not the most respectful of our planet but I still love it.

Why ?

When I eat it, I remember who I was, what I am going to become and who I am. I remember my childhood spent on the Indian Ocean thanks to the “tomato rougail”, I Remember my teen years which was very difficult and is being represented by the unctuosity of the palmnut sauce and I feel light when I drink the hibiscus and ginger drink.

One of the Patchwork mission is to bring conscience to what we eat, it is not only about diet or products we choose. It is about how they make us feel, it is a matter of traveling inside to bring lifetime emotions to the surface: it is a very serious yet playful affair.

Today, I am still a Bounty, I accept, I am dark on the outside but filled with a heavy white light inside that I am very happy to share with you every week ! :p

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