How Day by Day is helping me creating conscious friendly recipes ?

« Conscious-friendly » « C-friendly » « C-F », it does not matter, what matters is that it is a value at the heart of The Patchwork. I usually write about veggies, epiphanies I have and I have rarely talked about another dimension I am trying to apply to The Patchwork : an eco-friendly approach.

Behind all the aesthetics of my pictures on instagram, I do also care about our mother earth a lot and I would love to reduce waste as much as I can.

Guess what ? Day by Day has helped me a lot in doing so, most of Patchwork recipes are using their products.

Day by Day? What is that and how it works?

The concept is quite simple and has a specific objective: zero waste!

So, the store is very sober but the orange lentils and red beans help in bringing energy to the space. Also, you can count on my favorite orange cookies to market themselves!

It is a new and nice concept in Orléans yet another franchised store is already existing in France.

I have had the pleasure to meet Jean-Baptiste, the owner of the store of Orléans.

The first time I found out about Day by Day was on the opening day and it was awesome! Actually, it fell into place beautifully as I was at a stage of the project where I was wondering how I could bring an eco-friendly aspect to the Patchwork in order to better serve our mother earth. The universe brought me an alternative: Day by Day!

So, I entered the store and I saw empty jars and bottles. Jeans-Baptiste explained to me that they were used to buy the products. It was actually possible to bring your own jar as well to buy whatever you may need.

I found that the idea was great!

What can you find at Day by Day?

As far as I know, I think it is one of the most complete bulk stores I know. Actually, you can find anything you may need, from grains, flour (very complete offer), cereals, shaving cream, toothpaste, oil, spices etc. A real conscious grocery store.

What do I buy for the Patchwork and what I love?

I recommend you the cookies made with orange, they are delicious! I also buy my flour there (chickpea flower for gluten-free recipe).

The grain offer is very complete, so I do take my sunflower seeds there as well, linen seeds, chia seeds etc.

Why do I choose Day by Day for these products specifically?

Orléans has an organic store, yet for budget reasons, Day by Day is more affordable and you can still find some organic products or local products AND it reduces waste on the planet!

Why did I write this article?

I think I was very moved by Jean-Baptiste work, I felt he was pouring a lot of positive energy to build the store. I love passionate beings, since I am one myself! So, it was natural for me to write this article.

When writing this article, I have asked Jean-Baptiste what he had to share with us and the world. He said that he’d want people to know that every single thing matter, we should not be afraid to bring our contribution to change our society.

This statement was followed by a very long philosophical conversation on the meaning of life and relationships we have with each other on this planet we are traveling to.

It was a real pleasure to have shared this experience with Jean-Baptiste and I hope you will have the chance to meet him at his store!

Where to find the store?

2, place Louis-XI
45000 Orléans

On Facebook here 

What is on now ?: It’s Christmas! The store is having an offer on their chocolates! Also, do not forget to try the cookies!

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