How incenses have changed my life in Orléans, France ?

I know, you must be wondering what kind of Hippy/hipster/something out there have helped me change my experience in France and learn more about myself ? Well… I was able to discover this wonderful experience thanks to Régine Richy’s store in Orléans, France : Le Comptoir Esotérique.

I remember the first time I found out about the store, it was before my yoga class, I smelled incense in the streets and I decided to follow it. At first, it brought me in front of a Viking bar (too anachronic). How could that even be possible ? No ! It was the cute store next to it and there was this dark hair lady inviting me to come in. She started telling me about the story of the store, her story.

She made me try a few incense and I was literally transported to my organs, I started to feel them and felt my feelings again. It is a weird experience and new to me. Unfortunately, I do have to leave her for my yoga class and I promise to come back.

On the next week, I was back again to the store, I then discovered the world of incenses. It was a very deep and moving moment as they have tapped into something new and profound inside myself, something I have ignored for a very long time. I have shared my experiences with Régine, the owner and she puts a word, a meaning to my experience and possible pain. Suddenly, I am understanding why I was back to Orléans, France : to heal. Incense will be the door to my heart that I love so much.

The first incenses chosen for me that day were storax and the heart of venus.

  • The storax helps me for the quality of my sleep and reduces my anxiety/sadness
  • The heart of venus is a very feminine incense and helped me connect to my feminine side. It is a very feminine incense so if that’s what you are looking for that experience, go for it ! Also, it is a creation from the store, you will never be able to find it elsewhere, it a creation from Régine and it is 100% natural.

The first effects using incenses

Actually, until today I am still wondering if incenses were the only factor that changed my experience in Orléans or Régine added her soul to the process. I would say that they are two sides of the same coin. In fact, Régine helps to put a meaning on any pain we may have thanks to her alternative therapist background. She is able to guide you to the right incense at a specific time according to your soul’s need. For instance, she is the one who recommended me to do the Linden Tree Sapwood fall detox (video here).

So, the first effect were a clear improvement in the quality of my sleep and a very strong connection to my heart needs and to my feelings. Even more than before ? YES !

Then, I have become more receptive to listen to my body, I know now that a pain on a specific part of my body is linked to an emotion, event etc. It has helped me to become more aware and to meditate as soon as I feel something in order to adjust. I definitely made some improvement on the path of knowing myself better, I feel a new creativity born inside me and I am hoping to use it to serve you better through The Patchwork.

How to work with incense and how to find La Boutique Esotérique ?

The store is located at 22 rue Etienne Dolet, 45000 Orléans, France. The store organizes shipping as well through their Facebook page here. If you wish to have more and deeper information you can contact the owner directly at the 06 72 44 16 28, Régine Richy.

All incenses are 100% natural and homemade, there are 2 types :

  • The ones that requires coal to burn
  • The ones that do not require coal to burn ( my favorite is sage & lavender)

My advices before we leave each other:

  • I recommend you to buy your incense directly at the store as it is a very personal experience. What has worked for me may not necessarily be fine for you.
  • If you would like to have a more complete information, I recommend you to contact Régine directly.
  • Keep an open mind and stay in tune with what you are feeling during this experience

In the meanwhile, I keep on working with different type of incenses, my incense library has become bigger now. Leave me a small comment if you have any questions and I wish you a Merry Christmas !

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