Naples, the European Mumbai

This year, my wish to the universe was to visit one country in Asia. I guess it was not the right timing yet, so I was driven to another direction. I visited Naples, the European Mumbai.

The city was a surprise to me because I had no idea that Europe could be as chaotic and diverse as Mumbai. As the Indian city did, Naples has created a certain awkwardness inside my heart. Have I been embarrassed? I think so, at least that is how I felt.

Why the European Mumbai ?

The Chaos

The European Mumbai is the title that has inspired me to write this article today. Naples is very vivid and lively, just like Mumbai, there is a lot of mix : Baroque churches are dancing with hippies and party animals of the Piazza Bellini, restaurants know how to play with raw products, they are able to bring a bit of novelty mixed with serenity and cozy flavors to your tastebuds. Yet, you could meet a crazy theatrical chef who will drive his restaurant like a conductor.

The atmosphere in the streets where vespas keep on showing off and remind you a near death experience. The Spagnolo quarter that reminds you of how sketchy a place can be but you can still feel a party atmosphere. I have found all these contradictions in Mumbai as well, the play was the same but actors were different this time : they were approaching madness and human nonchalance.

No social code. Codes are almost forbidden

I would even say that social norms almost do not exist, at least, they are not as strong as in France. I think it has helped the city to develop an alternative scene. There is a lot of small studios, shops of natural products, recycled jewelries, bags etc.

In my opinion, one of the main reason you can find such offer is due to the massive influence of the mafia which contributed a lot to the development of alternative option as it has created an economic, political and social imbalance. It clearly showed self-defense mechanism to find solutions in order to continue to live a full human life.

Oh my dear creativity !

In terms of fashion, Naples was very inspiring. We could find a lot of vintage/thrift shop stores managed by amazing people who were truly passionate. However, fashion does not stop only in shops but it keeps going in the streets as well, the style is provocative for women and men were quite casual. I was inspired by certain colors and cuts. A pleasure for the eyes.

How was the Patchwork experience?

To be honest with you, for once, I am not able to perfectly describe what I felt and what happened during this short trip in the European Mumbai. I was sure shocked by the absence of link between things, yet something that’s linking them together. So, It’s not a surprise I have visited this city as my daily life involves linking things that do not seem to have a link together.

I actually believe that it is how life works as well, certain events today may not make sense but in the long run, it will make sense in the future and we will only understand it by the joy or pleasure we will experience.

This experience is felt in Naples by observing the big theatre of the world and sometimes we even accept to trick ourselves into the play to experience life.

Places I have loved and are Patchwork:

  • Piazza Bellini
  • Cap’Alice restaurant : Via Giovanni Bausan 2880121, Naples, for a theatrical napoletan atmosphere
  • Procida Island and the view

Special, Special for the restaurant Ecomesara, via Santa Chiara 49, 80134, Naples

I am madly in love with “solace” moments and Ecomesara brought it to me thanks to a very original risotto of red cabbage, apples and burrata. It was comforting and generous.

A delicious dish that I really recommend and the menu as well that is very creative and fresh. I have felt and remembered a lot of memories : it is what the Patchwork life is about after all.

I hope to write another article very soon and please ask me questions if you are also planning to go to Naples soon.

See you soon !


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