40 mornings and 40 me: an experience, not a challenge

After a couple of days spent inside myself, I have come to realize that this was not a challenge but an experience. If I wanted to be even more precise, it is an experience filled with challenges.

I have chosen to do this 40 days experience in order to gain balance, find myself etc. BUT I have not taken into account external elements that would make the experience challenging.

For example, I have not taken into account my family coming to visit without notice, I have not imagined that I would meet a hyper kid that will make me sleep very late, I have not thought about the fact that I would like to spend time with my family, and I have not taken into account the stress that could be generated by my job.

You know what ?


I have come to learn that life is actually defined that way, it is unstable and we cannot control everything. The only thing we can do is make plans, choices and sometimes it does not go as expected and it is absolutely fine.

What matters is which choice I decided to make when I faced these stormy challenges ?

Well, I have accepted them and here is what I learned :

  • My cousin is convinced that my mom did not create me and god made me because I bought her an ice cream. I came to understand that we needed very little to live divine moments.
  • I learned that I could obviously not control certain situations, flexibility is key and it does not mean that we are forgetting our convictions.
  • I learned forgiveness, it is a feeling of relief as you let it go, please try it, it is a rather enjoyable feeling and act.
  • I learned to give even more value to people that are important to me as we cannot take neither time nor moments back. I think they are very precious.
  • Waking up at 5 :30 am  can be tiring but It’s worth it, especially when it is to love yourself.
  • It is important to accept a problem before handling it.

Here are a few things that came from this conversation I had inside myself and the challenges I faced so far during this experience.

I hope you will soon go enjoy a small tea or coffee inside yourself, I hope you will, listen, look, touch and feel the purest and deepest part of yourself.

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