40 mornings and 40 me: make love, make peace

“ I make love when I am cooking, I make peace when I eat with people I love

I make love when I listen to someone, I make peace when I hear him or her

I make love when I listen to my heart, I make peace when I accept what it tells me

I make love when I say yes to what sounds right, I make peace when I say no when needed”

Djémilah Hassani

Make love, make peace

To make love and peace are not easy and I believe it is a choice we make. If these two words were not preceded by the word make, we could see them as idealistic. Thankfully, I have found out it is possible to bring these two words into our daily lives.

I remember the day I decided to choose love and peace, it was a little weird, we are not used to make love and peace with ourselves, we let it go.

It all started with my mirror, I started to look at myself with kindness and love, I have accepted that I was beautiful person and I have apologized to each cell of my human body for each pressure I have indulged on it.

I absolutely fell in love with my hair and I have forgotten how thankful I was to have them on my head, they are very useful and beautiful just the way they are. I absolutely fell in love with my body and accepted each scar that was on it, it reminded me how adventurous I was, I loved it and still do !

Unfortunately, many men and women are still struggling with the relationship with themselves and we often times prevent ourselves from love and peace in order to  live to our fullest potential and be authentic.

The power of our heart

How are you feeling when reading this article ? The answer does not really matter, what matters is what you are feeling, is it making sense to you ? If the answer is yes, then you may let it express itself.

We have the tendency to believe that being positive is waking up every morning and feeling like dancing with the sun and being madly in love every single day. It does not really work like that, we should not forget that we are humans before and after all. It is absolutely fine to feel like we are not going to rock the day, we should acknowledge that and respect this aspect.

The most essential part is how we decide to handle things, It requires a lot of patience, love to welcome those days. It is not about changing ourselves but understanding how we work in order to handle things better.

I am the first one to be drawn by my thoughts as I have a tendency to overthink and it does not always help. It is more than necessary to go back to our heart and listen to it. I call it the internal GPS, it is the one and only that can guide us when the road is too foggy. By engaging in this process, without even noticing, we will get exactly the situation, the people, the life that is fitting us. It helps us to judge less and love more as we understand more deeply.

It is crucial to know what we are letting inside our bodies : what do we want to eat ? Who we choose to enter our lives ? What do we truly need ? Do we need time for ourselves ?

By asking ourselves these questions, we prevent our bodies from toxicity. If positivity comes in, our thoughts, actions will go towards that direction. However, we should find our own positivity, some people will find it through a sport, others through walking, it is up to you;

The only thing that matters is finding your harmony.

Letter of peace and love :

Dear you,

I remember the day I started The Patchwork, I was terrified but I felt I had to do it. Here I am today, addressing this letter to you.

What I would like to tell you is to stop being afraid of loving yourself and being yourself, it is absolutely fine even required not to correspond to what the external world is expecting from you. Don’t you think it is weird to ask you to be something other than you ?

Today, I’d like you to look at yourself in the mirror and not being ashamed to madly fell in love with your nose, eyes, smile, intelligence, kindness, armpits, eyebrows and anything that people have told you could not.

You are what you are, if once you need a change, life experiences will let you know about it. For now, wear the best clothes for you and get out there, life is waiting for you to bring what you have to offer.

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