40 mornings and 40 me: the first week

2015 was THE year when my heart was longing for a change and I followed it. On that same year, I have started my morning routine back in Salou, Spain. I remembered how hard it was as I was starting to cut off on my party habits. I was so afraid I would not be able to make these changes as it was all very new and I was very tired but I decided to go until the end of my heart experience.

I left Salou and flied to Lisbon, Portugal. During that journey, I have made the most of this new habit as Lisbon was perfectly suited to that period of my life. I was looking for more depth, more calm yet charged with a lot of energy: Lisbon was very Patchwork !

Mornings in Lisbon were amazing because you could feel the city talking to you and it was very enjoyable to grasp such a creative and energy of freedom. I felt renewed thanks to that experience, but I knew that sooner or later I would have to think of moving again.

After an amazing year spent in Lisbon, I had to go back in my home town, Orléans, France. It was not very easy for me to adjust as it was everything I have always wanted to leave since I was 18 years old. So, the situation was tough and I kind of lost track of my routine and this is why I have decided to start my journey again. Thanks to that, I am able to write these lines for you and share my experience.

Orléans is now my new reality. I love it, I fully accept it and fully welcome it.

About gratitude

This first week of my morning routine has not been easy and I could feel a bit tired. I have fully accepted the experience and stayed inside myself in order to learn and understand what I had to learn from this experience.

I have learned gratitude and here are 5 things I am grateful for:

I am grateful for having people who love me and support me in what I do

I am grateful to be alive

I am grateful to share my experience with you

I am grateful to be what I am

I am grateful to have made this first week of challenge

This first week of this challenge has taught me that it was difficult to practice good habits when forgotten but it is possible. I have learned that we are bigger than what we think and we can do anything we set our energy to with love and courage. I hope I have inspired you to start a routine of your own in the morning to grasp its wonderful energy !

How do I start my own challenge ?

If you want to start your own challenge as well, here are 5 tips I want to share with you to start:

Tip n°1: prepare yourself mentally and do not give up! It is important to keep the promises you make to yourself, it is going to make you more confident. You do not necessarily need to start for a period of 40 days, but doing baby steps such as 2 days challenge, 3 days challenge then 6 days challenge J

Tip n°2 : this second tip is going to depend on your personality but I would recommend to share your challenge with your surroundings. It will help you to have support and commit to others (for some people it might help, it does not for me). Though, it is going to encourage you and show that it is possible !

Tip n°3 : eat well ! It is not only about being healthy but eat FRESH foods and food you LOVE ! Also, it is not only about the food but it’s about the whole food experience: eat with people you love, at a place you love and feel comfortable and prepare recipes that make you happy.

Tip n°4 : disconnect totally or partially (depends on your addiction) to social med’s ! Waking up early in the morning is obviously going to help to be more efficient as you will gain more time. However, the most important part is that it allows you to go back to what is essential and it starts by disconnection. The only thing that has to matter during that moment of the day is YOU and the connection to yourself or a wider entity for those who believe in God, the Universe and so on.

Tip n°5 : Let you creativity guide you ! Mornings are a very creative time of the day, it’s the time where anything is possible. Enjoy ! Find a routine that responds to your needs. For example, I am quite of an energetic person, so I privilege a more calming activity in the mornings. However, I keep more vigorous and dynamic activities for the days I feel weird and fluffy. It is up to you to find your balance and let me know about what you do !

“Each day is spent for our jobs, social life, love life, paying attention to people of our society and it is our responsibility as human beings, citizen of planet earth. So, we should not be afraid to take time for ourselves and ask ourselves how we are ;)”

Djémilah Hassani

Sorry for not being available on the blog

I have had a few technical issues lately, so I was not able to maintain the blog as I wished. I wanted to publish the article last Sunday and it did not work. Starting from today, I will publish one article of “40 mornings and 40 me” to give you tips and share my experience about waking up at 5:30 am.

I am curious to know if you have tried the experience to wake up early and love yourself !

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